Pet Dental Health

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                                                                February- Nation Pets Dental Health Month

According to the ADA (American Dental Association) we should brush our teeth twice a day. Studies show that, at least eighty percent of humans brush their teeth twice a day.

         Most pet owners ignore the dental health of their pets. According to American Veterinary Medical association Dental disease is common in dogs and cats. Eighty percent of dogs and seventy percent of cats, show some sign of gum disease by the age of three. Gum disease can lead to tooth lost and also spread to internal organs.


Ask your veterinarian about your pet’s dental health. Every visit to the veterinarian should include a dental checkup, as many types of periodontal disease are hard to detect by pet owners. You will need a veterinarian expertise to determine the health of your pet’s teeth. Discoloration and bad breath are not only effects of dental disease, but also Gingivitis and Periodontitis. Periodontitis are painful to pets and can cause permanent tooth lost. Bacteria formed by periodontitis can spread throughout the blood stream into internal organs.          




     We strongly advise all pet owners, to start a home dental routine for his/her pet. The first step to starting a home dental routine is to get the right tools. Pet toothbrushes and toothpaste are available in pet stores or from your veterinarian. Do not use human toothpaste as the foaming agent can cause upset stomach in pets.


Pet toothpaste comes in different flavors such as mint, chicken and beef which make the process easier. Introducing your pet to toothbrushes and toothpaste is very important before attempting to brush their teeth. Leave the toothpaste out so he/she could sniff and taste it for several days. Introduce your pet to the toothbrush by adding toothpaste and let he/she licks it off. Award your pet with treats and tell them they’re doing a great job. When your pet is comfortable with their toothbrush and toothpaste, you may start brushing. Keep it short and fun is an easy way to make this a daily routine.


The importance of exercising with your dog

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                  The importance of exercising with your dog
       Daily exercise is important for you as well as your Dogs.We should take the time out each day to exercise with our dog. One of the most common toys used for dog exercise is flyer/frisbee. 
At least 15 minutes a day is good to get both you and your dog in shape/keep in shape. Having your dog fetch a frisbee is a great way for him/her to run and jump. According to the NY Times, “Chiropractic is gaining popularity among pet owners, as a way to treat animals suffering from arthritis,sprains, joint pain and other ailments.” 
                   Bones and Muscles Exercise's Effects on
   Exercise is critical for strong muscles and bones. Muscle strength declines as animals/humans age, but studies shows that when people exercise they are stronger and retain things better than others in their age group. Exercise may even lengthen your dog’s lifespan.