The importance of exercising with your dog

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                  The importance of exercising with your dog
       Daily exercise is important for you as well as your Dogs.We should take the time out each day to exercise with our dog. One of the most common toys used for dog exercise is flyer/frisbee. 
At least 15 minutes a day is good to get both you and your dog in shape/keep in shape. Having your dog fetch a frisbee is a great way for him/her to run and jump. According to the NY Times, “Chiropractic is gaining popularity among pet owners, as a way to treat animals suffering from arthritis,sprains, joint pain and other ailments.” 
                   Bones and Muscles Exercise's Effects on
   Exercise is critical for strong muscles and bones. Muscle strength declines as animals/humans age, but studies shows that when people exercise they are stronger and retain things better than others in their age group. Exercise may even lengthen your dog’s lifespan.



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